Artistic Expression

Bioenergetic exercises help us move through inhibitions toward freedom of expression. Because I come from a professional performing arts background, I am particularly sensitive and knowledgeable about the issues of creative people.

About Artistic Expression

Artistic expression is an extension of what we think and feel. No matter what the artform, artists need to trust their impulses. Inhibition, self-consciousness and caution are some of the emotional obstacles of our artistic expressiveness. Ungroundedness leads us to impulsiveness and art that might be energetic but without structure.

Art that comes from an embodied connection to the self connects to others. When we can learn to trust our thoughts, our emotions and our impulses, we create our own individualized expression. Active, body-based therapy that allows us to feel our passions is a powerful process that encourages our artistic impulses.

Having spent many years as a musician, singer, songwriter and actor, I have gained much insight into artistic expression. I have extensive experience in helping artists find their unique expression through the therapeutic process. If you have a desire to express yourself through some artistic medium I can be of help to you.