See what people are saying about Dr. Ron Panvini.

I thank my lucky stars that I found my way to Ron Panvini’s office. Therapy with Ron has been nothing short of life-changing and lifesaving.

My heart was in trouble when I first started seeing Ron. I knew that I needed therapy. I knew that I wasn’t seeing my life clearly. Ron has guided me through the courageous and difficult process of ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK.

Ron is one of the rare people on earth who is strong and solid while also being kind, artistic, empathetic, and gentle. He is strong enough to call a spade a spade while providing the safe and supportive environment for me to navigate the deepest of emotions with love and kindness.

My life is bigger, fuller, more joyful, and more exciting because of the work I have done with Ron. My only regret is that I didn’t find him earlier.

- Erik H.

After many years of experiencing issues around stress, confidence and relationships I started working with Ron. It is something I really wish I had embarked on much sooner! Ron’s qualifications in both psychology and psychotherapy spoke to me when looking for someone to work with. Having a science background myself, I wanted to work with someone skilled in an evidenced based approach but also adept in mind-body therapy.

Ron is warm, patient and empathetic,while constructively questioning my perceptions when needed. He is highly skilled, never giving me the answer or telling me what to dobut asking the right questions to help me find the answers within myself. 

Whether you are considering therapy for the first time or have found that therapy has not been constructive for you in the past, I highly recommend seeking an introductory session with Ron, you may have much to gain!

- Louise M.

I’ve been a patient of Ron for the past 2 years. For me this is significant because I’ve had the habit of quitting therapy after about 9 months. I have made positive progress in my thinking and actions. 

I am now at the point where I see Ron every other week and will continue as I face new challenges. Ron’s soft-spoken approach has helped me see the situation as he guides me to possible outcomes. 

- Randi B.

I just wanted to write this review for anyone out there looking for therapy. It is more difficult than I expected to find a good therapist in NYC that doesn’t make you feel like just one more patient. Ron made me feel comfortable, safe, and cared for in every session we had together. His approach to therapy was kind, intelligent, professional and very human. I was going through complicated and painful family issues that were recurring in one way or another. Ron was a huge help. I felt that he was invested in my wellbeing and was mindful of my own perspective of where I was and what I needed. I can’t recommend him enough.

- Melanie M.

Dr Panvini came highly recommended to me, from both friends and colleagues as I anticipated moving from London, England to New York City; and within our first meeting I came to understand their enthusiasm for working with him.

Dr Panvini’s approach helped me to word the unspeakable, bringing together a once fractured body and mind. Our work together enabled me to bring a new-found strength and resilience, enabling me to move forward to a life that I once thought was not possible.

The process was not always easy, bringing with it a mixture of feelings, emotions and realizations that were not always pleasant. But, with his patience, guidance and understanding, I was able to explore parts of myself that I had spent years ignoring and in time experience new ways of thinking and feeling that lead to positive, life changing decisions.

- Mickey G.

I can’t recommend Dr. Ron highly enough. He is nonjudgmental, very insightful and a terrifically supportive therapist. I especially liked the way he used Bioenergetic body work along with talk therapy to help me overcome blockages holding me back from being more creative and living a better life.

- Greg F.

I have been working with Ron on two separate occasions. I knew I wanted to go back to seek therapeutic healing with him because Ron had really helped me get deeply in touch with my gut, my feelings and away from too much of the analysis that tends to consume me. It has been very positive for me to have talk therapy in conjunction with bodywork exercises to help bridge some connection to my body, something that has been deeply lacking in my life.

It’s been a process, but through Ron’s careful attention, his patience and his openness, I have been able to develop a new relationship to myself. I recommend anyone seeking to do therapeutic work – especially work that can also be active and engaged through bodywork excises – to consult with Ron. I am grateful to him for our ongoing work together.

- Edy G.

Dr. Ron is thorough and exceedingly professional. His dedication to the betterment of his patients is second to none.

- Laris M.