Bioenergetic Services

When our difficulties intrude on the quality of our life, it is time to seek help. I work with adults and teenagers, at my office in Garden City, Long Island, NY or online, on personal and professional issues using Bioenergetic Analysis. Bioenergetic Analysis is a body-oriented psychotherapy which states that mind and body function as one – what goes on in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa.

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The Therapy Journey

Most journeys begin with a wish for change, a complaint or a frustration. Where I am now is not good. I’m unhappy. I’m hurting. I’m longing for something different, something new. But where do I start?

You start by reaching out – by asking for help – by seeking guidance. For expert guidance, reach out to a licensed mental health professional – an experienced psychologist or mental health counselor – trained in clinical psychology and the practice of psychotherapy.

Your desire for change is good. Reaching out is the first step on the therapy journey. Let’s begin a conversation about the path to your fulfillment. Let’s connect and envision the road of possibilities that lie ahead on your journey to a better you.

Mind/Body Therapy Sessions

Stress makes us contract. Our anxieties, inhibitions, all the forces that discouraged us in our formative years show up in the present as we hold back our thoughts, feelings and actions. Contractions are mental – ‘I can’t speak my mind.’ Contractions are also physical – we hold back our impulses – our muscles tight, our breathing shallow.

All psychotherapy starts with talk. We begin by telling our story – the details of what happened and how what happened affected us. Talking and being understood are integral parts of the journey of therapy.

In Bioenergetics, the Mind/Body therapy, we go beyond talk by doing Bioenergetic Bodywork to help you move from contraction to expansion – to the discovery of the real you.

I can help with:







Artistic Expression

Writer’s Block

Public Speaking

Vocal Expression