Panic attacks, social discomfort, stage fright and other forms of anxiety all share one common element – inhibited breathing – Bioenergetic bodywork gets below the mental chatter and right to the anxiety where it lives – in the body.

Bioenergetic therapy offers tangible tools that can be used to prevent or lessen the intensity of anxiety. Learn these tools and carry them with you wherever you go.

About Anxiety

Anxiety is a type of fear. Fear is a vital emotion that tells you that something or someone is dangerous. Fear helps species stay alive. All living beings experience fear. Animals that are preyed upon literally freeze in their tracks so that predators don’t see them. If they are seen by the predators they either fight for their lives or run. This is called the fight or flight response. Fear is the emotion that triggers the fight or flight response. Without it many species would perish. Fear, therefore, is a necessary and often, life-saving emotion.

So then, what is anxiety? While we should fear something that might hurt us, for example, a wild animal, anxiety is the fear of something that is not inherently dangerous. Anxiety is a feeling of dread and uneasiness in everyday situations that might cause you to sweat, feel restless, tense and have a rapid heartbeat. When our fear of commonplace experiences triggers the fight or flight response, we call that anxiety. Simply put, anxiety is inappropriate fear. Bioenergetic therapy, which includes working directly with the body, has been very effective in reducing symptoms of debilitating anxiety to help us live fuller, more active lives.