Depression can be immobilizing – Bioenergetic work goes beyond understanding why we are down and helps us to mobilize our life force – the word energetic is in Bioenergetics!

About Depression

When we are depressed we are more than simply sad. Sadness often leads to crying and when we release our tears we typically feel better. We say we are moved to tears. Depression, on the other hand doesn’t move. It’s a prolonged sadness that lingers. We are downhearted. Our mood is low. We may have feelings of despondency and dejection, as well as feelings of inadequacy and guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy, poor appetite and disturbed sleep.

The word depression means to push down. We depress the keys on our computer. When we are depressed what do we push down? In depression we push down our sadness and our anger. We may have been taught that our sadness and anger were not acceptable to others. Pushing down those feelings might have been our only choice.

In Bioenergetic therapy you will find acceptance for your feelings and you will be given the tools to free yourself from your immobilizing depression. You will not only learn why you’ve been depressed – you will learn how to let go and break free of your depression.