Public Speaking

The number one human fear is the fear of speaking in public – second is the fear of death! Our fear of looking foolish shortens our breath and inhibits our movement. When we breathe, we move and when we move, we are moved to speak – and we move others.

About Public Speaking

Speaking before an audience often brings up dread in many people. Our fear of looking bad is all too human. We typically say a person freezes up when there’s a fear of speaking in public. The freezing up is literal. We hold our breath, less blood flows and we’re in a sort of emotionally paralyzed state.

It’s easy to tell people to relax when they stand up before others, but relaxing is hard to do. Bioenergetic bodywork is a valuable asset to the public speaker. Bodywork helps us to free our breathing and our impulses. When the person begins to flow, the words come without effort.

Understanding why we are afraid of expressing ourselves before others is only part of the problem. The real solution comes with learning the tools of embodiment, movement and owning your energetic impulses. Having much experience as a public speaker, I am able to pass on tools to help you become the public speaker you’d like to be.