Relationships are complicated. Knowing ourselves on a body level helps us to be in touch with our feelings. Integrating mind/body aligns us first with ourselves and then more easily to others.

About Relationships

We learn how to relate to others through our early experiences with our families and caretakers. If those relationships were good enough we learn that we can be ourselves with others. If those early experiences were not good enough, we may not trust others, we may feel insecure and unsure of how to be with others. What we experienced during our formative years becomes a blueprint for how we connect socially as adults.

Relationships take many forms – family relationships with parents, siblings and one’s extended family, friendships, dating, marriage, divorce, professional and business relationships. Therapy is a process of learning about ourselves through focusing on our individual journey as it was impacted upon by others. If you look around you and evaluate the nature of your relationships you might gain insight into who you are. Your social relationships are a reflection of you. Your relationship choices are a mirror that should help you to see yourself. In-depth examination of the quality of a person’s relationships are an essential part of any individual therapy.