No other psychotherapy deals more tangibly with sexuality than Bioenergetics. Working with the body can not only help us become aware of our sexual blocks – it can help us move through them.

About Sexuality

Our sexuality is related to our energy. The more energy we have, the more we are in touch with our sexuality. The energy in Bioenergetics is not mystical. Energy in the body is the result of blood flowing to our muscles and supplying those muscles with oxygen. If we are chronically contracted and tight from life’s difficult experiences, our blood will flow less freely, and our sexuality will be diminished. Bioenergetic bodywork helps us to let go of our tightly contracted muscles and allows us to free our blocked energy.  When our energy flows, so does our sexuality.

When we recognize sexual people we may say they glow, they’re on fire, or they’re hot. Doing the deep work that encourages you to be your true self can help you free your blocked energy so that you can embody your full sexual energy. Freeing the self is a central goal of Bioenergetic therapy.