Social Phobia

Our thoughts can obsessively spin in our heads with preoccupation over how we are perceived by others. Bioenergetics helps us get out of our heads and gives us tangible tools to walk with ease among others.

About Social Phobia

Social phobia is a form of anxiety. We fear the judgement of others. We feel awkward in the company of people. We may feel choked up, speechless, frozen in fear; unable to make eye contact or be ourselves. We may have a negative inner voice telling us we should run or hide.

As with other forms of anxiety, Bioenergetic Analysis can free us from the emotional chains that bind us. In this therapeutic process we go beyond talk and understanding by doing active, expressive work which will helps to move us into new emotional territory. No one needs to tell you what to think, what to feel, what to say. The words live in you. If we ignite the fire within, your thoughts and feelings will flow – and you will be your true self in the presence of others.