Lack of self-esteem makes us hold back. And what do we actually hold back? Our impulses! When we free the body, we free our impulses and when we’re comfortable with our impulses we feel good about ourselves.

About Self-Esteem

Self-esteem means feeling good about yourself. Those of us who learned to believe in ourselves through positive experiences during our developmental years will usually have self-esteem. Self-esteem should be tied to reality: our good feeling about ourselves should be matched by our worldly experiences. If we believe we are smart and do well in school, our life experience validates our feeling that we are smart.

But there are many people who lack self-esteem. One might be smart but believe that they are not. Perhaps someone told them they weren’t smart. Your self-esteem is not fixed. Through the supportive and expansive work of Bioenergetic therapy,your feeling about yourself can change for the better. Through a combination of understanding the roots of your lack of self-esteem and active Bioenergetic bodywork you can learn to trust your impulses and literally get out of your head. Overcoming feelings of low self-esteem is one of the many results of the emotional growth that can come from the in-depth work of Bioenergetic Analysis.