Bioenergetic work helps us with emotional expression. When we are comforted and helped to feel our losses we begin to heal.

About Loss

In Bioenergetic therapy you are gently guided to know and feel your emotions. The word emotion has the word motion in it. We say we are moved to tears. When emotions move they tend to change. Many of us resist our emotions. There are countless messages we get from many sources that try to talk us out of feeling. Yet, a good relationship to our emotions is often a key to a more fulfilling life.

There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. We may need help and guidance to know ourselves and undo the negative messages we’ve learned that tell us our emotions are bad. We have emotions for a reason. They are there to guide us, to help us navigate through the sometimes arduous journey of life.

Some of us may need help in how to be in touch with our feelings when we’ve spent a lifetime avoiding them. Being in touch with yourself and your feelings is one of the primary goals of Bioenergetic therapy.